1. Year ender

    Hello and Merry Christmas - hope you all had a good one. I can’t believe it’s nearly New Year’s Eve already! That is absolutely nuts. 

    Right now we’re putting the final touches to our brand new full length record. The album is recorded - it has 13 new songs - and we’ve seen the front cover. We’re nearly there and we’re looking at a Spring release. Right now we’re mostly deciding on song titles, which surprisingly has been the most time consuming part of this record. It’s looking like ‘Doobeedoobeedoo’ won’t feature on this one… bollocks. All other details to come very soon along with a new song or two. 

    For now though, we’re playing a show at The Windmill in Brixton on 2nd January. Ignore your stinking hangovers and your empty wallets, and come hang out:


    Lots of love,

    Giles x