1. My friend Phil #luther #florida

  2. Throwback Turdsday. Right before we played our biggest show opening for Anti-Flag at The Electric Ballroom

  3. Rudderless in Cambridge #smithstband #tubular

  4. Tour with The Smith Street Band starts this Sunday! Maybe see you there.


  5. French tour in December & January!!

  6. Tour with The Smith Street Band starts this month! England and Scotland, we’re coming for ya. For dates, greatcynics.com/shows

  7. Our best friend Paul just got the biggest cynics tattoo out there! Woah!!

  8. Sent a really nice email to Reading & Leeds and got loads of passes for all our mates to come. Thanks Reading & Leeds, can’t wait! #lockupstage #dreamgig #bigfestivalol

  9. We just posted our video for Letting Go. Check it out if ya wanna. Big up to everyone at No. 3 for letting us destroy their house

  10. ampijpers:

    Week 33. 

    Really sweet!